FALC Real Estate not only specialises in property marketing, but is also a full service provider for all aspects of real estate. Our agents have contacts with a wide range of property service providers and we have a team of highly trained specialists under one roof. So you can count on us for all your residential and holiday property needs. Do you need representation at owners’ meetings or help with property management? Let us advise and find the right support for you.

Representation at the owners’ meeting

If you have bought a property in Mallorca, you will probably not be there all year round. As a result, you will miss owners’ meetings. In order for you to know what is happening and for someone to be there on your behalf, you need a proxy. Almost anyone can be a proxy. You just need to check whether a written power of attorney is sufficient or whether a notarised power of attorney is required. If you do not know anyone who can act as a proxy, we can help you find someone. There are specialist companies that manage your property and attend these meetings. Such a company will help you with the first step of representation, but can also be consulted for future management tasks.

Burglary protection for your property

The security of your property is important to us. That’s why we also help you to protect yourself against burglary. One of the most effective ways is an alarm system. But before you install an alarm system, you need to compare the different suppliers. This is the only way to find the best one for your property. We can help you sift through the different offers and, if you wish, we can help you choose the final supplier. This is because alarm services vary greatly from company to company. If you opt for a full service, you can expect the system to be installed, maintained and removed in the event of an alarm. It should also be noted that your alarm system must be approved in Mallorca. The police will then be able to use the footage from the surveillance camera. We will assist you with this step as well.

We offer even more services!

Are you looking for a service for your property that is not listed here? Just get in touch with us! We have a wide network of contacts in the property industry and are sure to find a solution to your needs. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any property related questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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